How To Make Your Move Easier on Your Family

People generally have two kinds of needs during a home purchase. First are the transactional needs, such as searching for a home, obtaining financing, negotiating the terms of purchase, completing paperwork and legal documents, and arranging the move. The second are emotional needs that are involved in a home purchase, which can be where the most stress occurs in a home purchase. The following are just a handful of tips to help you and your family ease the stress of moving.

· Prepare your children

Although you may have lived in your current residence for just a few years, the same few years can be half the lifetime of a seven- or eight-year-old, and can include all the years he or she can remember. Your current residence may be the only home your children have ever known, where they feel safe and comfortable. It may be the center of your childrens' world.  Be sure to announce the move in a completely positive way. You might talk about how beautiful the neighborhood is and how good the schools are. Bring your children to the new house, if you live close enough that it is possible to do so. Otherwise, positively describe the new house. Find out what your children's favorite things are in your current home, and then try to re-create them in the new home. Keep your children actively involved in the process. For instance, don't just promise that they can decorate their new rooms, but take them shopping for paint, bedspreads, carpets, and other items that will make the experience more fun and comforting.  Your children are bound to have worries, fears, and sorrows during the move. They may be moving away from friends and family they have known their whole lives. Find ways to make parting pleasant. You can plan a going-away party and let your children invite their own guests. Take pictures of everyone and create a photo album. If your children are old enough, allow them to take pictures of the neighborhood that they will want to remember. 


· Gain knowledge

You may feel a sense of being out of control, as though other parties to the purchase transaction are running the show and you're merely getting in their way. Your mortgage company, the appraiser, the inspector, and the seller all have certain powers to approve or disapprove of your overall plan to purchase this home and move successfully. This is certainly not easy!  Although this can feel stressful, one of the best things you can do for your own peace of mind is to understand as much of the purchase process as possible. Your Realtor® will be able to prepare you for unknowns ahead of time and tie down loose ends as soon as possible. 


· Trust the process

There can be so much to do that it's easy to panic. It may feel like you're taking a big risk, but the truth is that you're initiating a big opportunity for you and your family. Even though you can't predict what will happen every step of the way, your Realtor® helps people buy and sell homes as a profession! Your Realtor® has been there before and understands that this is a major upheaval in your life. Trust that your Realtor® is looking out for you on your way to a successful closing and move.


· Be flexible

Knowing that your Realtor® will do everything possible to prepare you for the various processes involved in your home purchase, and will tie up those loose ends quickly and efficiently, it's important for you to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect world. The property inspection may reveal areas of concern, or closing may be delayed for some reason. Try to take a deep breath and be flexible in your thinking. You will have a much greater chance of making your decisions based on logic and not high emotion.


· Seek entertainment

Whenever you feel that things are spinning out of control, find a diversion! Take a walk around your new neighborhood, go on a day trip out of town with your family, or take your family to a movie. Whatever diversion or outlet works best for you, this is a good time to engage in it! Remember to take one "move" at a time.